January: Winter in the West, A group exhibition presenting works by renowned artists Dan Young, Andy Taylor, Peter Campbell, Dinah Worman, and Simon Winegar, and other artists who are capturing the variety in color, texture, and mood of Western snowscapes.

February: Gallery Selections, A group exhibition showcasing nationally awarded and locally acclaimed artists whose styles and subjects are as varied as the West.

March: New Works, New Artists, A diverse group of painters, sculptors, and mixed media artists now represented by Ann Korologos Gallery: James Bohling • Tanya Bone • Ewoud de Groot • Lisa Gordon • Linda Lillegraven • Nathan Solano • Sean Wallis • Mike Weber

April/May: April Showers, May Flowers, A group exhibition celebrating the vibrant transformation of seasons in the West, featuring a wide array of some of the most inspired painters, printmakers, and sculptors working in a variety of techniques to capture the budding colors and wild characters of Spring in the West.



January: Awards & Accolades: Twelve Acclaimed Western Artists, A congratulations to our artists in the 2017 Coors Western Art Exhibit & Sale.

February: Michael Kessler: Nature in Layers, A solo exhibition featuring the intricately layered, nature-based abstract paintings of Michael Kessler, based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

March: Andy Taylor | New Works, A solo exhibition featuring the regional landscapes in Taylor’s colorful, gestural style.

April: Spring in the West, A group exhibition featuring a wide array of some of the most inspired painters, printmakers, and sculptors working in a variety of techniques to capture the colors and characters of Spring in the Western Frontier.

June: AMERICA at HEART: “It’s the West, Honey…”, A group exhibition celebrating the rugged individualism of the Western Frontier.

July: AMERICA at HEART: Dinah Worman—From Above, A solo exhibition of oils and pastels from the nationally acclaimed and award-winning Dinah Worman.

July: Art & Literature Program: Alan Day, Author’s Talk and Book Signing

August: Art & Literature Program: Madeleine Albright, Author’s Talk and Book Signing

August: AMERICA at HEART: Dan Young—Valleys to Peaks, A solo exhibition of Dan Young’s plein air impressions of Colorado’s most beloved locations and pastimes.

September: AMERICA at HEART: Behind the Shutter, A group exhibition celebrating the colors, characters and contours of America’s West captured through photography by Michael Fain, Tom Korologos, Kathryn Rabinow, Gayle Waterman, and emerging artist, Devin Pool.

October: Out of the West: Landscapes, A group exhibition capturing the varied beauty and majesty of the West with works by Peter Campbell, Leon Loughridge, Brett Scheifflee, Andy Taylor, and Marie Figge Wise

December: Home for the Holidays: Small Works, Big Statements, featuring printmakers Paula Schuette Kraemer, Leon Loughridge, Joel Ostlind, Sherrie York, and paintings, photographs, and sculpture by renowned local and national artists.



January: Best of the West, A congratulations to our artists in the 2016 Coors Western Art Exhibit & Sale.

February: Midwinter Works, A group exhibition of inspiring artworks of the American West.

March: Colorado Color, A group exhibition featuring the myriad colors of Colorado through the artwork of some of its most inspired painters and sculptors.

April: Springing Forth, A group exhibition featuring a wide array of Western artists working in a variety of techniques and representing diverse artistic traditions.

June: Arts & Letters: A Lloyd Schermer Retrospective. Lloyd Schermer’s art career began decades before he became an artist. As a newspaper publisher, the very material that would ultimately become his extraordinary sculptures and monotypes surrounded him.

July: VERITAS–Works by Sarah Lamb & Brett Scheifflee, A group exhibition featuring Sarah Lamb and Brett Scheifflee who are among today’s leading artists in New Realism.

August: Four Photographers. A group exhibition featuring Michael Fain, Tom Korologos, Kathryn Rabinow, Gayle C. Waterman.

September: Noble Beasts: Animals We Love. A group exhibition featuring Neil Clifford, Heather Foster, Terry Gardner, Veryl Goodnight, Gordon Gund, Peggy Judy, Sandra Lee Kaplan, Paula Schuette Kraemer, Amy Laugesen, Janet Nelson, Jill Soukup and Immi Storrs.

October: Inhabitations: Western Landscapes. A group exhibition featuring Peter Campbell, Dean Mitchell, Elizabeth Sandia, Andy Taylor, Marie Figge Wise, Simon Winegar, Dinah Worman and Dan Young.

November: Collectors’ Holiday. A group exhibition featuring printmakers Paula Schuette Kraemer, Leon Loughridge, Joel Ostlind, and Sherrie York. Other works including small paintings, photographs and sculpture by various gallery artists were also on view.



January: Color & Form: Peggy Judy and Gayle WatermanA pairing of two accomplished artists in different media, both exploring the world of shape and color.

February: Michael Fain–New Works, Featuring new works from Michael Fain’s Minimalist Series.

March: Angus Wilson: A Singular Vision, A solo exhibition featuring Angus Wilson’s distinctively bold and colorful paintings.

April: Spring Selections, A colorful selection of works from multiple artists to celebrate the return of spring.

June: The Feminine Eye, Featuring works by four women artists: Sandra Lee Kaplan, Kathryn Rabinow, Roseta Santiago, and Dinah K. Worman

July: The View: Past & Present, Featuring artists Peter Campbell and Terry Gardner and their artistic interpretations of everything from bygone days to the modern West.

September: Out of the West Landscapes, A celebration of the Western landscape featuring artists Elizabeth Sandia, Andy Taylor, Simon Winegar, Marie Figge Wise and Dan Young.

December: Works on Paper – Leon Loughridge and Joel Ostlind, Showcased the work of two master printmakers, Leon Loughridge and Joel Ostlind.



January: Photo Five, group exhibition featuring works by Michael Fain, Sandra Lee Kaplan, Tom Korologos, Kathryn Rabinow and Gayle Waterman.

February: Introducing New Artists, group exhibition featuring works by Peter Campbell, Terry Gardner, Peggy Judy, Sarah Lamb, Dean Mitchell, Brett Scheifflee, and Angus Wilson

March: Fields and Hedgerows, a solo exhibition of new works by Andy Taylor

April: Welcome Spring, Featuring fresh works of art from our gallery artists, celebrating the return of spring

June: Bones of America: Barns and Farmlands of the West by Simon Winegar.

July: Capturing Beauty: Sarah Lamb & Roseta Santiago – Two masterful artists come together for a compelling exhibition of still-life paintings.

August: Material Magic—Six Sculptors Create – Six sculptors bring the West to life in three dimensional works.

September: Out of the West–Landscapes, 24 gallery artists uniquely interpret the Western landscape, in its many forms and moods.

November: Elizabeth Sandia – New Works featuring the fresh and colorful pastels of the noted Santa Fe artist.

December: The Gift of Winter, A festive holiday exhibition of visual delights.



January: Also, Abstracts!, group exhibition featuring works by Eva Cellini, Sandra Lee Kaplan, Michael Kessler, Dan Namingha, Kathryn Rabinow, Lloyd Schermer, Ann White and Michael Wisner

March: Andy Taylor: Current Works, a solo exhibition of current works by Andy Taylor

June: Don Nice: View from Above, a solo exhibition of watercolors by Don Nice

July: Definitely Dinah!, a solo exhibition of new oils and pastels by Dinah Worman

July: Character Studies: Portraits with Personality, a group exhibition featuring works by Julie Chapman, Cheri Christensen, Heather Foster, Charlie Lasansky, Tòmas Lasansky, Joel Ostlind, Nathan Solano and Jill Soukup

August: Celebrating the Landscape: the Pastoral and the Sublime, a group exhibition featuring works by Dan Namingha, Elizabeth Sandia, Gregory Stocks, Andy Taylor, Simon Winegar and Marie Wise

September: Works on Paper, a group exhibition featuring works by Dean Mitchell, Dan Namingha, Janet Nelson, Joel Ostlind, Katherine Rabinow, Elizabeth Sandia, Andy Taylor, and Dinah Worman

November: Gallery Selections, a group exhibition featuring works by Peter Campbell, Cheri Christensen, Terry Gardner, Michael Kessler, Peggy Judy, Dean Mitchell, Dan Namingha, Brett Scheifflee, Gregory Stocks, Andy Taylor, Angus Wilson, Simon Winegar, Marie Figge Wise, Michael Wisner, Dinah Worman and Dan Young

December: The Exceptional Gift, a group exhibition featuring works by Terry Gardner, Peggy Judy, Michael Kessler, Dean Mitchell, Janet Nelson, Elizabeth Sandia, Brett Scheifflee, Jill Soukup, Simon Winegar, Marie Wise, Dinah Worman, and Dan Young



January: Photographs by Nora Feller

March: Western Artists, a group exhibition, featuring works by Heather Foster, Janet Nelson, Joel Ostlind and Dinah Worman

July: New Works by Dan Young

August: Photographs by Tom Korologos and Kathryn Rabinow

September: Looking for the Western Experience, a group exhibition featuring works by Julie Chapman, Sandra Lee Kaplan, Elizabeth Sandia, Nathan Solano, Gregory Stocks and Simon Winegar

December: Winter Welcome, a group exhibition