The best gallery in Aspen…is in Basalt

Ann Korologos Gallery in downtown Basalt, CO
Ann Korologos Gallery in downtown Basalt, CO
Commissioned painting by Simon Winegar

For more than 20 years, the Ann Korologos Gallery has specialized in Western art and artists influenced by the West.  We understand that the West is as varied as its breathtaking landscapes, and so is its art.  That’s why we seek out artists working in all media and from all parts of the US.  Our inventory includes nationally celebrated painters Sarah Lamb and Dinah Worman as well as sculptors Gordon Gund, Veryl Goodnight and Lloyd Schermer. We offer photographs by Sandra Kaplan, Tom Korologos, Kathryn Rabinow, and Gayle Waterman, and prints by Paula Schuette Kraemer, Leon Loughridge, Joel Ostlind and Sherrie York.

Ann Korologos Gallery Staff
The Ann Korologos Gallery Team

We are especially proud to present a full complement of styles and subject matter:  Heather Foster’s longhorns hang along side still lifes by Angus Wilson; Janet’s Nelson‘s mixed media constructions of ceremonial clothes can be found next to Michael Kessler‘s nature abstractions; and luminous scenes by emerging artist Brett Scheifflee find their places among those by established landscapists Peter Campbell, Andy TaylorMarie Wise, Simon Winegar, and Dan Young.

Owner Ann Korologos, who bought the gallery in 2007 (it was previously known as The Basalt Gallery),  has created a warm and inviting space that has become a center of arts and culture in the Roaring Fork Valley…and beyond.  Discover for yourself why our clients are saying, “The best gallery in Aspen…is in Basalt.”

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A gallery is a place where you can lose yourself in your moment and travel and journey to the artist’s moment because their art and what they’ve created is something to be shared.

When I started collecting art out of Sante Fe, at some galleries there, it was art I wanted to live with, not decorative. People—people who were expressing themselves. And as time went on I recommended to everyone, you must meet the artist because you’ll see many more dimensions in what appears to be a lovely painting than even you realized when you talk to them. So for me, I know all of our artists.

Besides liking to live with it, I think art brings life to life. It brings out our humanness. It brings out our instincts for something greater than ourselves. I guess I’m somewhere in the middle. I appreciate the past but I have a better feel for living artists. Contemporary—Impressionistic to Abstract. –Ann Korologos