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About Us - Ann Korologos Gallery
Ann Korologos Gallery in historic downtown Basalt, Colorado. Commissioned painting by Simon Winegar

About our artists & location in the Roaring Fork Valley

For more than 20 years, Ann Korologos Gallery has been the premier source for contemporary Western Art. We are known for artists inspired by frontier culture and the beauty of the American West. Local and national painters, sculptors, printmakers, mixed-media artists, and photographers tell the stories of the West through their unique language and styles. The spacious gallery is located just downstream of Aspen, Colorado in the charming town of Basalt.

“One of the joys of working with contemporary artists is that their process is continuously unveiling and evolving intent, technique, and subject, allowing us the excitement of following along on their journey and learning alongside them,” shares owner, Ann Korologos.  “Our goal as a gallery is for everyone who visits to discover something new with each experience and find art they would love to live with. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable, and our gallery dogs are happy to say hello any day of the week.”

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Through Ann Korologos Gallery, discover regional landscapes by Andy Taylor, Dan Young, Leon Loughridge, and Marie Figge Wise; be transported by the bold expressionist still lifes of Scottish-born artist Angus Wilson; and examine the stereotypes and misunderstandings of the Old West as painted by Terry Gardner. Explore familiar vistas and fisheries by local artist Dan Young. Feel the strength and vibrancy of ranching women by Donna Howell-Sickles, and be awe-struck by the beauty of the open plains on which they roam by Linda Lillegraven. Take home a modern-day relic of a ceramic horse by Amy Laugesen or a pot by Michael Wisner, who hand-digs his clay and carves every object with nature’s most meticulous patterns. Experience the classic realism of still lifes by Sarah Lamb, and observe the way that Dinah Worman arranges landscapes as though they were still lifes. All manner of wildlife — great and small — evoke humor and nostalgia through works by Mike Weber, Sandra Kaplan, Gordon Gund, Heather Foster, and Paula Schuette Kraemer. The 40 artists represented by Ann Korologos Gallery are as diverse as the colors, contours and characters of the American West.

Artists’ receptions and a series of community-oriented Art & Literature events hosted throughout the year provide wonderful opportunities to learn, dive deeper and join the discussion. Of the selection and quality, art aficionados and collectors have been known to say, “the best gallery in Aspen… is in Basalt!”

“A gallery is a place of art. A gallery is a place of creativity. A gallery is where I think you can lose yourself in your moment and travel, journey, to the artist’s moment, because their art and what
they created is something to be shared.” -Ann Korologos

About Our Team

Ann Korologos, Gallery Owner

Ann Korologos, Owner

In Memory of Our Beloved Ann
It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our beloved owner and dear friend, Ann Korologos. Ann was a passionate and dedicated advocate for the arts, and her enthusiasm for the gallery was unparalleled. Ann coined the phrase “Art you love to live with,” because that’s exactly how she felt. She was the epitome of a true art collector, friend, and advocate. As she did with everything she approached, she brought her passion, knowledge, experience and trust, transforming “The Basalt Gallery,” as it was known prior to 2007 under the former owners, into the nationally-acclaimed Ann Korologos Gallery.

Ann was been a government leader, non-profit executive and business professional for many years, serving as U.S. Secretary of Labor and Under Secretary of the U.S. Department of the Interior under President Reagan, among numerous government positions.  She was a member of the Boards of Directors of many blue-chip U.S. corporations, including Michael Kors, Host Hotels & Resorts.  Ann was Chairman of the Board of the Middle East Investment Initiative (MEII).  She was also Chairman Emeritus of the Board of Trustees of The Aspen Institute (aspeninstitute.org) and the RAND Corporation (www.rand.org), and served as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Snowmass Village, Colorado (www.andersonranch.org).

Both a long-time resident of the Roaring Fork Valley and a passionate art collector, Ann lived her dream: she created a forum for the exchange of art and ideas in a place she holds dear. Read more


Sue Edmonds, Gallery Director

Sue Edmonds joined the gallery as the Director in October of 2019. Edmonds is a native of Australia, a global traveler, and a long-time resident of the Roaring Fork Valley. Her passion for art and travel connected Sue to artisans around the world, serving her well as the owner of the Melange Collection, an Aspen-based company offering gifts and home accessories designed and curated by Sue through her global partnerships. Locally, she has honed her eye and broadened her artistic education through open studio sessions and printmaking and photography classes at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Snowmass. She has an impressive track record navigating online marketplaces and running her own business, and she really knows and loves the Roaring Fork Valley. Equally important is her experience with discovering, developing and marketing artists and their art.  “Whether I am creating art, viewing art, selling art or having insightful conversations with artists to learn more about their processes, I love each and every experience,” reflects Sue.

Claire de L’Arbre, Marketing

Claire de L’Arbre, Marketing

Claire joined the gallery as the Marketing Manager in April of 2017. The California native moved to the Roaring Fork Valley in 2011 as a pit-stop on her way to her hometown of Santa Barbara. Enthralled by the exquisite nature, changing seasons, arts, culture, and residents of the valley, she decided to make her stop-over permanent. Her degree in Business Management from Babson College, the top school for entrepreneurship in the United States, and her entrepreneurial spirit led her to start a marketing and business consulting company, Top Branch Business Design, with the focus on working with smaller businesses fueled by a passion for the arts. Her grandmother, an artist, is the root of Claire’s passion to help artists and entrepreneurs succeed in realizing their dreams. She explores the arts through glassblowing, screen printing, drawing, painting, photography, and digital design.

Teal Wilson, Sales

Teal Wilson joined the gallery in June of 2022. Wilson was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She received her BFA in printmaking from Kansas City Art Institute, and shortly after, moved to Snowmass Village to be a summer intern for Anderson Ranch. Post internship, the Roaring Fork Valley became her permanent home. She is an artist exhibiting in galleries and with public art. Her experience ranges from artist assistant, to shop tech, to retail and customer service. She is a long term resident of the art world, as she grew up with her mother being an internationally recognized artist. She is well versed in art techniques and theories, particularly in printmaking and drawing.

Helen Zeughauser, Sales

Helen Zeughauser, latest addition to the Ann Korologos Gallery team, has lived in Basalt for 23 years. Helen earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design at The Art Institute of Southern California in Laguna Beach where she also studied art history, acquiring her passion for art, design and spaces. Her career path includes owning a graphic design business specializing in corporate identity and marketing material from small businesses to large corporations. She transitioned her eye for graphic design to the dimensionality of interior design, incorporating both in her relationships with all things visual. Thirty years since first visiting the Roaring Fork Valley, Helen remains in awe of the beauty of the mountains, whether she is enjoying the great outdoors or enjoying diverse landscapes through the eyes of an artist.

Jennifer McMenemy, Web Consultant, Ann Korologos Gallery

Jennifer McMenemy, Website

Jenn has that rare background in digital media and fine art that makes her a great User Experience designer. Her ability to understand how to communicate brands and business propositions visually results in websites for both art galleries, where she was Web Director at Spanierman Gallery NYC, as well as consumer and technology companies with equal success. She also possesses the ability to integrate marketing & social media components, SEO and response mechanisms in the same graceful way she does most things, unobtrusively, as if it’s just natural. We think she prepped herself well for her career with a BA from UCSD in Interdisciplinary Computing in the Arts, and minors in Computer Science and Fine Art. Brains and a true creative spirit—plus, she knows how to code.

Aspen art gallery Ann Korologos Gallery

Salute to Our Interns

Ann Korologos Gallery is honored to have had such a wonderful team of interns over the years. These talented women are eager and capable, and their passions and interests add wonderful dimension to our work and service. As a gallery, we are committed to everyone learning something new with every visit, and our interns are no exception! Here’s to you, ladies!

Ann Korologos Gallery dogs

Georgie, Sam and Winston
Chief Happiness Officers

Meet our Chief Happiness Officers: Georgie, Sam and Winston. We promise a warm welcome with no jumping! Georgie is a spunky Welsh Terrier who keeps an eye on everything, and loves to be pet under the chin. Sam and Winston, Ann’s Yellow Labs are high energy sweet hearts that work from home. Basalt is a dog friendly town, and Ann Korologos Gallery is no exception!