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Sep 02, 2022
The Sopris Sun | Another Labor Day

Another Labor Day

By Linda Helmich | Aug. 31, 2022 | The Sopris Sun

Read an excerpt from this fictional piece on Labor Day from The Sopris Sun.

Brett Scheifflee - Crown of the Valley
Brett Scheifflee, “Crown of the Valley,” Oil on Canvas, 36 x 36 in

Crown of the Valley

Crown of the Valley” (Oil on Canvas, 36 x 26 inches) was painted by Brett Scheifflee. He started as an “emerging artist” with Ann Korologos Gallery in 2012 when he was living in the Roaring Fork Valley. A decade later, he is nationally renowned for his tightly-painted, highly-detailed landscapes. His work is on display at the Ann Korologos Gallery in “Off the Beaten Path“, a group exhibition depicting nature through abstraction and mood, with other paintings and mixed media art by Michael Kessler, Deborah Paris, Allison Stewart and Marie Figge Wise.

Work in Progress – Sept. 1, 2022

Charles Hastings hoisted the flag into position on the post of his front porch, same as he’d done hundreds of times before. Just as it unfurled, the wind picked up “Old Glory” and snapped her a few times. First, Lieutenant Charles Thomas Hastings stepped sprightly back and saluted, as he was trained to do. 

Sitting on the steps, his grandson, Charlie, watched with wide eyes. At six years of age, Charlie thought everything “Papa” did was magical, and the story that would follow was something not to be missed. 

It was Labor Day, sunny, but unseasonably chilly. A recent cold spell had already caused many of the leaves of the old maples to turn, and that bit of rain the day before had stripped them to the ground. But, there would be no rain today. That would be good for all of the cookouts planned for later in the day. 

Charles had gotten out one of his warm flannel shirts to wear, even though it was only early September. He didn’t seem to be able to stand the cold as well these past few years as before; so he just kept them kind of handy in the bottom drawer of the bureau, even in summer. 

His daughter Susan, Charlie’s mother, kept him pretty well supplied with shirts gifted at Christmas and his birthday. She took care of him in other ways, too, sending over home-cooked meals a couple of times a week, and then having him over on Sundays and holidays. 

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