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Aug 26, 2022
The Aspen Times Features ‘Off the Beaten Path’
Deborah Paris - Two Paths
Deborah Paris, “Two Paths,” Oil on ACM Panel, 28 x 18 in

Go West: ‘Off the Beaten Path’ at Ann Korlogos Gallery

By Katherine Roberts | August 18, 2022 | Special Thanks to The Aspen Times

The arts scene in Basalt continues to rival its up and down valley counterparts with several new exhibitions on the horizon and artists opening studio spaces and participating in group shows alongside their peers. One such exhibition is “Off the Beaten Path” at Ann Korologos Gallery on Midland Avenue.

Allison Stewart - Mountain Canto 1 (triptych)
Allison Stewart, “Mountain Canto 1 (triptych),” Mixed Media on Canvas, 40 x 120 in

Ann Korologos, Gallery Owner

“After watching and participating in the art community of Basalt for over two decades, both as a supporter of the arts and as a gallery owner, I say with confidence that the Basalt art scene has never been as vibrant, diverse and community-oriented in its offerings as it is today — and I think we can say that every day moving forward,” said Ann Korologos, the eponymous gallery owner.

Brett Scheifflee - Crown of the Valley
Brett Scheifflee, “Crown of the Valley,” Oil on Canvas, 36 x 36 in

Behind the Exhibit

This group exhibition depicting nature through abstraction and mood through the paintings and mixed media art of Michael Kessler, Deborah Paris, Brett Scheifflee, Allison Stewart and Marie Figge Wise opens Aug. 18 and runs through Sept. 14. Works are also on view on the gallery’s website, korologosgallery.com.

“’Off the Beaten Path’ refers to the places these artists have taken their view and experience of the landscape,” Korologos said. “Deeply connected to nature, they explore light, mood, majesty, love, loss and beauty across the range of realism to abstraction.”

Michael Kessler - Limbvail (2)
Michael Kessler, “Limbvail (2),” Mixed Media on Panel, 48 x 30 in

The Five Artists

Ann Korologos Gallery is known for specializing in contemporary Western art, and this grouping will provide the audience with just what they expect. These artists depict the mood evoked by the landscapes of Colorado, Texas, New Mexico and their imagination across the range of realism to abstraction. Abstract mixed media artists Michael Kessler and Allison Stewart explore the effects of time on the landscapes in the literal sense of erosion or climate change, while the realist and tonalist painters Brett Scheifflee, Deborah Paris and Marie Figge Wise are inspired by their own experience and memory of a particular place.

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“Basalt is embracing the arts from a broad perspective, drawing in a local and international crowd, and we, as a gallery, are happy to have witnessed and participated in this journey and to give a space for these artists to explore.”

Ann Korologos
Michael Kessler - Slatefield (1), diptych
Michael Kessler, “Slatefield (1), diptych,” Mixed Media on Panel, 30 x 96 in
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