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Nov 15, 2019
Resting Avocets a Moment by the Sea

“Resting Avocets” by Ewoud de Groot allows the viewer to take a pause and enjoy the changing light sparkling on the water. Avocets are a bird of the shoreline, moving quickly, as a fleeting unit dancing with the edge of the waves. To see them resting is a rare moment.

De Groot’s work honors his life living on the water’s edge. Inspired by his time fishing in the American West, de Groot paints memorable sightings of elk, moose, and birds of prey, as well as birds on the ocean shore witnessed during his life in the Netherlands. Take a moment of rest and enjoy this short video!

Ewoud de Groot - Resting Avocets
Ewoud de Groot, “Resting Avocets,” Oil on Canvas, 55 x 27.5 in

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