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Oct 14, 2014
What’s Your Medium?

The artists in our current exhibition, “Out of the West–Landscapes,” have captured the Western landscape in a variety of mediums. From paintings and printmaking, to pastels and photography, the exhibit features a wide array of styles. Each medium gives the landscape a unique feeling and style. Here are three examples of artists use oil painting, woodblock printing, and photography to capture western scenes.

Dan Young is a plein air oil painter. Most people are familiar with this medium, even if they have never used it. Oil painting gained popularity during the Renaissance and has remained a popular medium for painters ever since. Because oil paint dries slower than other paints, it allows the artist to manipulate the surface for hours, sometimes days. This makes it a perfect medium for plein air artists to work on location, and then take the painting into the studio if necessary.

A less familiar technique, used by Leon Loughridge, is that of reduction woodblock printing. Woodblock printing originated in China, and continues to be a popular method in East Asia. In reduction woodblock printing, one wood or linoleum block is used to create a multiple color print. The lightest and broadest color is printed first and for the entire edition. The artist then continues to carve away more from the same block with each subsequent color as they are layered on top of each other. In the end, the block has been carved away so much that it is no longer useful, and only the prints within that series remain.

Photography is the newest of the mediums, having been around since the early 1800’s. Sandra Lee Kaplan is an accomplished photographer with a great sense for landscapes. Sandra takes her photographs beyond the norm and sometimes prints them on handmade paper. This gives her photographs a whole new life, and from a distance can even appear to be paintings. By changing the paper that she prints on, she can add another dimension to her photographs.

No matter the choice of medium, all artists display a great skill in composition, color, and perspective. “Out of the West–Landscapes” is on view through October 31st. We invite you to stop by the gallery and discover how a mix of mediums enriches this collection of landscapes.

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