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Apr 02, 2021
Watch Video: Mike Weber’s Path as an Artist

This video was produced by Our Golden State and shared with Ann Korologos Gallery by Mike Weber.


“When I chose artwork as a career, I never knew the path of an artist. What would life bring me? Just like my work, it always has to continue evolving. It has to be a natural process, and I treat my life the same way.

“Although I have lived in major metropolitan cities my entire life, I was feeling this desire to be out in the forest, so I started looking for a cabin. Finding a place of solitude where I could think and edit my photos, and just plan out my next exhibitions. It’s been the perfect spot to find balance.

“My studio is also a little bit of a playground for me, just like the mountains. I can spend 5 or 6 days up here. I have a sense of calmness I can take with me back to Los Angeles.

“My work is mixed media, which is simply a reference to an art form that combines multiple mediums. When we look at animals in nature, we see how they’re in harmony. So using it in my artwork is a really fun way to engage people and make them think about nature.

“The studio could look like a mess to anyone who walked in. I typically could have easily 10-15 pieces going on at the same time. I’ll move around my studio working from table top to table top because while one process is drying I’m on to the next.

“When I have my backpack on and my camera in my hand, the first thing I want to do in a new area of wilderness is go explore, and that’s where I’m going to find animals and subject matter for my work.

“Spending a lot of time up in the cabin allows me to reflect on the type of life I’ve been able to build, and the type of life I want to continue having. The locations of where I work are almost like mixed media as well. I’m mixing all these materials to create this final object, but I’m also mixing an urban lifestyle with a mountain lifestyle. They’re both my office, in a way, or they’re both my studio. And combining the two, it feels very natural for me because I always have one foot in, and one foot out, and that’s what makes me feel balanced.

“You just want things to progress naturally, and I know that living and working in California allows me this huge platform to continue evolving not just with my work, but with my personal life. There’s something that feels very complete with just following your intuition and just taking it day by day. I think having that appreciation for a time simply allows for that to happen.”


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