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Apr 13, 2011
Valdivian Figurines Pre-Columbian Artifacts from 3500 BC

Valdivian Figure 26, 6.5" high, carved limestone

Valdivian Figurines Pre-Columbian Artifacts from 3500 BC – On Display at the Ann Korologos Gallery
For nearly 2000 years, beginning around 3500 BC, the ancient Ecuadorian cultures (called the Valdivian Phase) carved figurines out of stone (particularly limestone). It is believed these ancient artifacts were used for rituals performed by tribal shaman. The shaman may have used the figures as “vessels” for his own spirit, entering them so he could be close to the person in need. They could have been used for healing, fertility, or other reasons.
Once limestone is exposed to air, as in carving, it reacts at a predictable rate with other minerals. Measuring the amount of these minerals gives us a very close approximation of their age.
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It’s really quite remarkable to see a piece of history like this, to think of what they were trying to create and were capable of…and how they have stood the test of time.  They seem so simple, however they are memorizing when you think of the how/when/why of the process.   It’s amazing to have them here at the gallery to look at!

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