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Mar 16, 2012
Two Mona Lisas and Other Art News Stories

Prado’s Mona Lisa (notice the eyebrows, which are missing from the original)

The Mystery of Who Painted the Second Mona Lisa: The Art Newspaper

The most famous painting in the world has a copy at the Prado in Spain.  But who painted it and when?  The Mona Lisa copy has recently been restored to reveal a rich background and masterful painting.  Was it painted by daVinci’s lover, or another member of his studio, and did daVinci add his hand to the work?  More questions are raised than answered.  The early history of the real Mona Lisa is now in doubt.  More…

The Clyfford Still Museum in Denver

The Clyfford Still Museum in Denver

Four Clyfford Still Paintings Sell for a $119 million: The Wall Street Journal

The magnificent new Clyfford Still Museum in downtown Denver, recently released four paintings for sale.  The goal was to enhance their endowment to protect the rest of the collection (nearly 900 works).  Sotheby’s estimated the total would sell for $70 million.  They did quite a bit better.  Still did not release many paintings in his lifetime, nor did his widow after his death.  Denver was able to acquire the collection by building a museum dedicated to his work – with the promise they would not sell off any of the works.  You’ll have to go to the museum to get the whole story.  But it looks like selling a few to protect the rest has worked out.  More…

Dan Namingha, "Fall 7" at the Ann Korologos Gallery

Dan Namingha, “Fall 7” at the Ann Korologos Gallery

Naminghas Featured Artists at the Heard Museum Guild Indian Fair and Market: Arizona Republic

700 Artists: From novice painters to renowned sculptors, each artist at the fair is a certified, tribally affiliated American Indian artist who was chosen through a jury selection.  This year’s signature artist is Dan Namingha, who has been painting and sculpting images reflective of his Hopi upbringing for more than 40 years.  He’s also one-third of the museum’s new exhibit, “Namingha Family: Landscape, Form and Light,” which features the work of Namingha and his sons, Arlo, a sculptor, and Michael, a mixed-media artist.  More…

Dorthea Tanning, "Nacht Musk"

Dorthea Tanning, “Nacht Musik”

Artist Dorthea Tanning Dies at 101: New York Times

Dorothea Tanning, a leading Surrealist painter of the 1930s whose path had led her from the small town of Galesburg, Ill., to a whirlwind life in the international art world, died on Tuesday at her home in Manhattan. She was 101.  More…

Antoni Tapies

Antoni Tapies

Antoni Tapies, Spanish Abstract Expressionist dies at 88: London Telegraph

Antoni Tàpies, who has died aged 88, was a major figure in post-war European art, known for his abstract works that featured discarded everyday objects and mysterious graffiti-like scrawls.  Part of the appeal of Tàpies’s art is that it remains almost impossible to classify. Influenced by Surrealism, as well as by American Abstract Expressionism and the European Art Informel movement, he mixed pigments and varnishes with unconventional materials such as marble dust and sand to create heavy, sculptural paintings that were inscribed with gnomic scribbles and symbols taken from his own personal mythology.  More…

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