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Jul 23, 2011
The Artworld Loses 2 Greats in July

In the last two weeks, the world has lost two great artists: Lucian Freud on July 20, and Cy Twombly on July 5.   Two very different artists, approaching painting from opposite ends of a wide spectrum.  Freud (grandson of Sigmund) was a genius at portraiture, revealing more than a little emotion in his work.  It was like looking into the souls and memories of the subjects he painted.  Sometimes disquieting, but never bland.  There is a wealth of information about Lucian Freud and his work on the web.  I will get you started with this excellent video:
Cy Twombly could not have been more different in his approach to art, completely abstract, and often on enormous canvases.  He pulled emotion from the viewer through the shapes and colors of his unique work.  Exquisitely beautiful paintings that swallowed the viewer in their scale and movement.  Twombly will also be missed.  Again, there is plenty of information about the man and his work online.  But begin here with a short video of Twombly’s exhibition at the Tate in 2008 as described by Director, Nicholas Serota.

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