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Jan 16, 2012
Sometimes You Have to Say Thank you for a Thank you

The Ann Korologos Gallery loves to support our local community.  And we do it gladly, just happy to help.  Last November we sponsored “A Taste of Basalt,” the yearly benefit that the Basalt schools do each year.  It is a great event that raises money for many things the school system doesn’t always cover, such as art supplies, specialized book, updated computer equipment and scholarships.  This year was a great success, where the event raised over $60,000!  Wow, we are proud to have been a part.  Now here’s the fun part.  Some of the students wrote thank you cards.  Well, we couldn’t resist, and here they are.  Thank you for the Thank yous:
Thank you from Basalt KidsThank you 2
thank you basaltthank you
thank you 3thank you 3

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