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Terry  Gardner - Roping II (Study) Terry  Gardner - Roping II (Study)Terry  Gardner - Roping II (Study)
Roping II (Study)
Charcoal, 8 x 7 in
About this work
“Drawings are the seeds of invention. These experiments feed the process and the eventual paintings. Careful renderings are met with expressive gestures. The outcome–often a gamble– with the hope of depth, mystery, and intrigue surfacing. It is the balance of opposites: precision and suggestion, fact and feeling, holding on and letting go. Employing charcoal, lead, multiple erasers and blending stumps. A drawing comes to life– a visual reference that is part of a bigger story. It is accurate depiction followed by soulful interpretation. The final work is intended to invite contemplation. Enjoy” ~Terry Gardner

Frame size: 15 H x 14.5 W x 1D
Signed bottom left: Gardner 2019