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Mar 06, 2019
Sarah Lamb Comes to Town with New Works

Classic American painter, Sarah Lamb, will be visiting the Roaring Fork Valley next week to introduce her new works, answer questions from the audience, and sign copies of her new book Still Lifes and Landscapes. The event is hosted by the Ann Korologos Gallery Art & Literature Program, designed to merge the arts with literature in the historic town of Basalt. New arrivals include Lobster, Bonne Maman and Butter, Pansies in Silver, and Olives and Leaves, which may be previewed below! 

The event takes place Wednesday, March 13th from 5 to 6PM at Ann Korologos Gallery in historic downtown Basalt.

Sarah Lamb - Pansies in Silver
Sarah Lamb, “Pansies in Silver,” Oil on Canvas, 7.50 x 8 in

Silver Cups and pitchers are some of my favorites to paint. The mirror-like quality of the silver picks up the reflections of leaves and petals on the table, my studio skylight and surroundings, and occasionally my own reflection, resulting in a small self-portrait. I always wear read when painting silver because the slight touch of color in the reflection can add to the composition of the painting.

~Sarah Lamb, Still Loves and Landscapes
Sarah Lamb - Lobster
Sarah Lamb, “Lobster,” Oil on Canvas, 13 x 20 in

The Inspiration for my still life paintings comes from the world around me, and as a young art student living in France, it was not hard to find. The local farmer’s markets provided me with an exquisite array of wonderful subject matter. I was immediately drawn to the vibrant vegetables, freshly picked fruit with the leaves still attached, wide variety of eggs, artisan soaps, and intricately crafted pastries.

~Sarah Lamb, Still Lives and Landscapes
Sarah Lamb - Olives and Leaves
Sarah Lamb, “Olives and Leaves,” Oil on Canvas, 5 x 12 in

Sarah’s Book, Still Lifes and Landscapes may be pre-purchase online or at the event. For more information, please call (970) 927-9668, email art@korologosgallery.com, or visit www.korologosgallery.com.

Sarah Lamb - Bonne Maman and Butter
Sarah Lamb, “Bonne Maman and Butter,” Oil on Canvas, 17 x 26 in
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