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Sep 22, 2021
Press Release: Visions of the West

Ann Korologos Gallery presents “Visions of the West,” a group exhibition exploring art of the native west, from the historical figures depicted by Tomas Lasansky, to ceremonial clothing by Janet Nelson, to landscapes, riders, and wild horses by Nathan Solano, and more. 

The exhibition is on view September 22nd through October 19th at Ann Korologos Gallery in historic downtown Basalt, and online at korologosgallery.com.

Visions of the West: An Ever-Evolving Identity

“The American West holds a rich history with an ever-evolving identity,” shares gallery owner, Ann Korologos. “These artists are honoring the majestic landscapes, the rich cultures, and the individuals who have greatly impacted the identity of the West over time, in their mind’s eye.”

Tomas Lasansky - Geronimo II
Tomas Lasansky, “Geronimo II,” Acrylic on Canvas, 47 x 55 in

Tomás Lasansky – Lore in Bold Portrait

Tomás Lasansky was born in Iowa City, IA. The artist works in two dimensions – painting, drawing, printmaking – but his portrait work jumps off the page. He juxtaposes a wildly creative style with very careful method.

“Our greatest leaders, artists, and thinkers,” according to Lasansky, “are portrayed in larger-than-life portraits that invoke the complexity behind the lore, often with symbolic and bold backgrounds such as the American flag.” His subjects include the likes of Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Sitting Bull, Hopi maidens, and more.

Janet  Nelson  - Ceremonial Shirt II
Janet Nelson , “Ceremonial Shirt II,” Handmade Paper Cast, 52 x 29 x 5 in

Janet Nelson – Ceremony & Identity

Janet Nelson grew up near San Francisco, CA. Nelson creates amazingly detailed sculptures of Native American clothing and tools using a unique method of creating artifacts using contemporary materials: painted mixed polymers, paper laminated with wood glue, and historic elements. These materials are then distressed to give the weathered look of time. The artist enjoys creating intense visual bombardment, driven by intuition and impulse, without boundaries or restrictions.

Nathan Solano  - Horse of a Different Color
Nathan Solano , “Horse of a Different Color,” Oil on Canvas, 18 x 24 in

Nathan Solano – Capturing Fleeting Moments

Nathan Solano was born in Utah and raised in Southern Colorado. He attended the University of Colorado until he was drafted during the Vietnam War where he served a tour as an infantry sergeant. By the time he was in his 40s, Solano was able to pursue his passion for painting. Solano has become widely known for his portrait work, but his personal interests and curiosity have broadened his subject matter.

He can be found at cattle roundups, powwows, and other environmental scenes of the American West, taking professional photographs that often end up on canvas. Fleeting moments are captured with dancing light and gesture, enticing the viewer to feel present within the scene and marking the moment as Solano prefers—”in the now.”

Visions of the West, in Downtown Basalt

“Visions of the West” is on view September 22 through October 19, 2021 at Ann Korologos Gallery in historic downtown Basalt. View the exhibition “under the clocktower” at 211 Midland Avenue in Basalt, and virtually at korologosgallery.com.

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