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Dec 11, 2018
Pines and Peaks of the Western Slope

Pine trees are ubiquitous in the West! From the Lodgepole Pine, to the Ponderosa Pine, to 1000 year old Bristlecone Pines, to the Red Pine, to the Balsam Fir, these coniferous trees are a favorite subject of our landscape artists and part of the roots of the United States. Enjoy this selection of pines from Colorado-based artists Peter Campbell, Leon Loughridge, Dan Young, Terry Gardner, Veryl Goodnight, and Montana printmaker, Joel Ostlind.


Peter Campbell, ” Forest Solitude,” Oil on Canvas, 42 x 38 in


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Leon Loughridge - Blue Spruce 14/15 UNF

Leon Loughridge, “Blue Spruce 14/15 UNF,” Wood Block Print, 16 x 7 in


Leon Loughridge - Last Spruce

Leon Loughridge, “Last Spruce 5/21,” Wood Block Print, 16 x 7 in



Peter Campbell - Red Mountain Pass, framed

Peter Campbell, Red Mountain Pass, Oil on Canvas, 30 x 42 inches


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Dan Young - June at Thomas Lakes

Dan Young, “June at Thomas Lakes,” Oil on Panel, 16 x 12 in


Leon Loughridge, “Aspen Grove 9/20,” Woodblock Print, 22 x 18.50 inches



Terry Gardner - Last Of The Snow

Terry Gardner, “Last Of The Snow,” Oil on Canvas, 12 x 18 in


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Dan Young - Enjoying a Float

Dan Young, “Enjoying a Float,” oil on board, 6 x 8 inches


Terry Gardner - Family of Pines

Terry Gardner, “Family of Pines,” Oil on Canvas, 24 x 15 in



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Leon Loughridge - Tall Pine

Leon Loughridge, “Tall Pine,” Watercolor Sketch, 8 x 3.50 in


Joel Ostlind - Treeage

Joel Ostlind, “Treeage,” Aquatint, 5 x 4 in


Leon Loughridge, “Frosted, 11/20,” Woodblock Print, 9″ x 7″



Veryl Goodnight - World of Wonder

Veryl Goodnight, “World of Wonder,” Oil on Canvas, 14.50 x 22 in


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