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Oct 06, 2017
‘Out of the West: Landscapes’ Captures Majesty of the West

Out of the West: Landscapes captures the varied beauty of the West with works by Peter Campbell, Leon Loughridge, Brett Scheifflee, Andy Taylor, and Marie Figge Wise.

“From Campbell’s dream-like worlds, to Loughridge’s impressionist prints, to Scheifflee’s realistic oils, to Taylor’s looser, expressionist interpretations, to Figge Wise’s introspective, atmospheric paintings, you’ll be sure to resonate with the work of these artists. “Western landscapes are some of the most diverse and dramatic in the country; this group of artists certainly reflects that,” says gallery owner Ann Korologos.

Peter Campbell moved to Colorado after studying at the Savannah College of Art & Design. When Campbell paints, he creates a direct connection with the landscape, as he seeks to convey an intimate and personal reaction to nature. By limiting his palette and omitting details, Peter effectively creates an atmosphere and dream-like mood, open to each viewer’s interpretation. His oils capture the quiet of dawn, twilight, and moonlight.

Leon Loughridge was raised in the open ranch lands of Northern New Mexico where his affinity for Southwestern landscapes was born. His reduction wood block prints, watercolors, and pastels have a poetic quality and engage the viewer in moments easily unnoticed. Known for his evocative, light-filled landscapes, Loughridge captures the transient moments of nature: passing clouds, reflection on water, new-fallen snow, budding trees.

Brett Scheifflee is a native of New York who, after graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology, came west to the Roaring Fork Valley. Scheifflee’s brand of realism is transcriptive, whether he is painting landscapes, still lifes, or portraits, and his medium of choice is oil. Influenced by the great masters of the medium — such as Da Vinci’s ability to capture soft forms and eerie light — Brett applies the history of oil paint to his work and the West.

Andy Taylor has been depicting regional landscapes with his colorful, gestural style for more than 40 years. His process starts with a drive from his studio in Western Colorado, taking shape with pen and ink sketches with marginalia, which serve as a visual reminder of a scene. The sketches are left incomplete, leaving room for him to “invent significance and make discoveries” as he paints.  This often leads to unusual, even abstract, perspectives of familiar landmarks, especially as he employs a broad, atypical palette.

Marie Figge Wise grew up among the expansive views of farmlands outside Davenport, Iowa, and now shares her time between Houston and Aspen. Figge Wise is best known for the diffused, tonal style of her still lifes and Western landscapes. The huge vistas of farmlands near her hometown in the Midwest have inspired her work nearly as much the landscapes and rivers of Colorado, Montana, and Texas explored by this avid angler.

Out of the West: Landscapes will remain on view through November 16, 2017. To learn more, please visit Ann Korologos Gallery at 211 Midland Ave. in Basalt, call (970) 927-9668 or email art@korologosgallery.com

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