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Aug 22, 2014
One Subject, Three Interpretations

The horse has been a beloved subject of artists the world over for thousands of years. Our current exhibition, “Material Magic: Six Sculptors Create,” showcases three different artists whose interpretations of the horse are as varied as the artists themselves.
Amy Laugesen, Veryl Goodnight and Immi Storrs have all chosen the horse as their subject, and the results are inspiring.


Amy Laugesen - Cayuse Curio

Amy Laugesen “Cayuse Curio”
Ceramic w/ Steel Base, 31″x30″x10″


Depicting her subjects in ceramic, Amy Laugesen’s love of horses began as a child. She subconsciously is drawn to create the equine form over and over again. Her horses remind us of, and appear to be centuries old as if they could have been plucked from a pharaoh’s tomb, or an archeological site. Amy renders her horses without much detail, reducing them to their purest form.


Veryl Goodnight - Rivalry

Veryl Goodnight “Rivalry” 1/25
Bronze, 24″x30″x12″


An avid equestrian, Veryl Goodnight has spent a lifetime studying the anatomy of horses. She is an astute observer of these very live models, which results in über realistic portrayals. From flaring nostrils and flying manes to taught muscles and sleek flanks, Veryl captures every nuance, making for powerful and emotional sculpture.


Immi Storrs "Future Horses" 2/6 Bronze 26"x14"x20"

Immi Storrs “Future Horses” 2/6
Bronze, 26″x14″x20″


By contrast, Immi Storrs cares very little about the details. Rather, she lets her hands guide her instead of her head. The result: horses of pure imagination. Sometimes her bronzes have more than one head, sometimes they are missing legs. While Immi’s horses are still recognizable, they take on “other world” qualities, suggesting fantasy and dreams.

Although all three artists present the horse in completely different ways, each succeeds in capturing the sheer beauty and power associated with the horse. Whether ancient relic, familiar ranch friend, or futuristic, all evoke a wide range of thoughts and emotion.

Material Magic: Six Sculptors Create” is on view at the gallery through September 8, 2014. Come see for yourself, how the horse has captured the imagination of our artists.

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