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Jan 06, 2016
Notes from Lunch & Lecture at the 2016 Coors Western Art Exhibit & Sale

Notes from today’s Lunch & Lecture at the 2016 Coors Western Art Exhibit & Sale, “Discerning Printed Works on Paper,” with panelists Leon Loughridge, Woodblock Printmaker, Doug Erion, Collector and Printmaker, and Tam O’Neill, Specialist in Prints.

Today’s discussion covered influences from Rembrandt to Frankenthaler, etchings to Japanese woodblock prints — a big influence for wood block printmaker Leon Loughridge. He became fascinated by the layering aspect of printmaking. “I can stand on the shoulders” of the Shin Hanga printmakers, and other greats like Ernest Watson and Walter Joseph Phillips. Classical and modern techniques were discussed, including giclee, polymer transfer and the use of computer tech — an exciting new tool for today’s artists to express themselves with, according to Leon. “Just think what Michelangelo could have done with a few power tools,” he mused.

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