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Mar 09, 2018
New Works, New Artists introduces a diverse group now represented by Ann Korologos Gallery

New Works, New Artists introduces James Bohling, Tanya Bone, Ewoud de Groot, Lisa Gordon, Linda Lillegraven, Nathan Solano, Sean Wallis, and Mike Weber, a diverse group of painters, sculptors, and mixed media artists now represented by Ann Korologos Gallery in Basalt. Opening Reception Wednesday, March 14th from 5 to 7PM.

“The skills, technique, style and subject matter of each of these artists resonate with us on a deep level, and they will for you, too,” shares Ann Korologos. “James Bohling reveals his passion for the outdoors through vibrant, dream-like landscapes; Tanya Bone creates still lifes that evoke an earlier time and honor the tradition of realist painting;  Ewoud de Groot, one of today’s leading wildlife artists, presents birds and animals against brilliant backgrounds of nature abstractions;  Lisa Gordon’s whimsical horse sculptures remind us to balance life purpose with play, quite literally; Linda Lillegraven’s luminous landscapes reveal the softer, more subtle aspects of the West; Nathan Solano celebrates both the beauty and the struggle inherent in the story of the American West; Sean Wallis, inspired by his father –master painter Kent Wallis, strives to heighten our appreciation for the elements of the West that are fading away; Mike Weber’s mixed media works are known for their pristine surfaces in high contrast to his barnyard subjects.”

James Bohling was born in Nebraska and raised in Colorado. His landscape paintings have an abstract quality, with a palette that mimics the vibrant colors and rural subjects found in the Midwest and Colorado. Aging barns, towering mountains, and sprawling landscapes capped with big skies are common themes for Bohling, and an ode to his summer visits to Nebraska, camping trips in Colorado and the worn structures of the Rocky Mountains.

Tanya Bone grew up on the Canadian prairies and frequently visited her grandparents’ farm. She studied art at Emily Carr College of Art and Design, Langara College, and the Federation of Canadian Artists in Vancouver, British Columbia, where she received Great Distinction Status. Her paintings touch upon enduring and everyday themes, approached with new ways of perceiving, rendering, and exploring still life.

Ewoud de Groot (pronounced AY-VUDE) lives and works in Egmond aan Zee, a coastal village in the Northern Netherlands. From birds of prey flying at the viewer to serene scenes of Sandhill cranes, egrets, and loons, to big wildlife such as elk, de Groot paints his passions: birds, game, and light. His images are refined, elegant compositions, paired with dreamy backgrounds of “pulsating, magnetic shimmer.”

Lisa Gordon was born and raised in Southern California. Gordon earned her MFA from CSU, Fullerton, with a Bachelor degree in sculpture and photography. Lisa’s bronze sculptures breathe new life into an often cliché’ historical subject by introducing horses balanced on spheres, walking through hoops, swaying on rockers or bouncing on springs, all metaphors for having fun and giving life purpose.

Linda Lillegraven lives in Laramie, Wyoming, and earned a BA in Art and BS in Zoology from San Diego State University. The great open landscapes of the West, with their changing light and seasons, offer Lillegraven a lifetime of inspiration. Her oil and pastel works capture the transitions of color and tone of the prairie, so subtle as to be almost invisible, yet masterfully achieved.

Nathan Solano was born in Utah and raised in Southern Colorado. He was able to pursue his passion for art fulltime in his 40s and has since become known for his extraordinary talent in depicting pristine snow, gritty cattle drives, rugged warriors and portraits of contemporary Native Americans. His images are powerful, evocative and extremely pleasing to the eye.

Sean Wallis was born and raised in Utah, where he currently resides with his wife and kids. As an Impressionist, Sean pays close attention to the relationship of light and color, capturing its fleeting moments with the texture of oil paint and a colorful palette. His skillful juxtaposition of colors vibrates and excites the eye, resulting in an illusion of depth.

Mike Weber was born in St. Louis, Missouri and resides in Los Angeles, California. Weber’s art is a combination of paint and his own nature photography, turning his lens on the wilderness of America’s National Parks. The colors, textures and patterns are inspired by earthly landscapes, decaying signage from human life, and deteriorating German and Dutch homesteads near his childhood home in the Midwest.

New Works, New Artists will remain on view through April 14, 2018. For more information, please visit the Ann Korologos Gallery at 211 Midland Avenue in Basalt, call 970.927.9668 or email art@korologosgallery.com

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