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Jun 11, 2010
new work by Michael Kessler

We have some amazing new work by Michael Kessler up in the gallery right now.  It looks even better in person, so if you are around please stop in and check it out!

In Kessler’s own words, “Nature provides the basis upon which my work exists. Thirty-five years ago I began by painting landscapes, but through prolonged and careful observation it was the inner-dynamics of the natural world that grasped my attention. The questions of how and why nature looked the way it did began to drive my work…to read more go to our website https://www.korologosgallery.com/artists/kessler/kesslerBio.html

"Cadrone" 30 x 30"

"Clear" 30 x 30 in

"Offgrid #8" 48 x 30 in

"Trona" 30 x 48 in

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