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Dec 06, 2018
Sarah Lamb Captures the Magic in the Ordinary

Talented and dynamic realist painter, Sarah Lamb, honors the familiar by capturing the beauty and minute details of every day objects in her dramatic still lifes. With classical skill, Lamb captures ordinary objects with exquisite beauty, transparency, depth, and texture. As the holidays and New Year arrive, we wanted to share some great Sarah Lamb gift ideas, and advice from the artist herself.

To the up-and-coming artists in your life, Sarah shares, “Don’t copy others, and don’t try to figure out what the market wants. Just paint honestly and from the heart. It can be challenging to differentiate yourself from the other realist artists out there – of which there are many now! So many art schools are producing lots of talented artists, and some of the work can tend to look like they were from the same hand. I try not to look at what my contemporaries are doing because I don’t want to be influenced by them.” Read the November 2018 article by the Portrait Society of America here. 

For those with Sarah Lamb on their wish list, White Pumpkin, is available for the holidays, along with her 2018 book, In Still Lifes and Landscapes. Of the book and her style, publisher Brilliant, says, “Sarah illustrates her deep understanding of nature, and captures the essence of each of her subjects with ease. She brings awareness to the unfamiliar – her brush strokes encapsulate the spirit of the smaller things in life, and she continuously acknowledges beauty and allure in even the most mundane objects. Viewers are constantly reminded that it is in the little things where the most beauty lies.” For $75 (which includes shipping), this is a great gift idea and inspiration for the New Year.

Sarah Lamb - White Pumpkin, framed

Sarah Lamb, “White Pumpkin,” oil on canvas, 17 x 24 inches

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