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Aug 05, 2015
Michael Kessler featured in Western Art & Architecture

With our latest Michael Kessler exhibition just around the corner, we are excited to share with you this feature of his work in the Aug/Sept issue of Western Art & Architecture. Kessler speaks on his process of intricate layering and the culmination of events leading to his newest body of work, Forest, a series he describes as being “paintings first and depictions of the forest second.” This engaging series in some ways brings him full-circle to the rural forests of his youth and are a captivating play on abstraction and representational imagery. Several Forest works will be featured in our exhibition.

Read more in this PDF of the article and view the exhibition Organic Evolution: Michael Kessler.

Using between 20 and 100 microlayers of paint, Michael Kessler creates contemporary abstract paintings referencing the natural environment. Using tools he designed, Kessler strove for years to move the conversation about art forward.

Western Art and Architecture

Michael Kessler Western Art and Architecture

Michael Kessler in “Western Art & Architecture”

Michael Kessler article “Illuminations”, Western Art Architecture Aug/Sept 2015 [PDF]


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