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Mar 03, 2022
Introducing Colorado painter, Elsa Sroka

Elsa Sroka artist
Elsa Sroka, “Twyla,” Oil on Panel, 19.75 x 18.75 in

An Introduction to Elsa Sroka

Today we are proud to introduce Elsa Sroka, a painter and Colorado native. We first met Elsa at the Coors Western Art Exhibit and Sale in 2020 and were struck by Sroka’s imaginative style infusing her subjects – often cows – with personality and connection, placed in unconventional settings. 

From a family of eight, all of whom share the love of art and design, Sroka’s inspiration is drawn from childhood memories, particularly hours spent drawing at the kitchen table with her brothers, sisters, and father. The artist finds inspiration in the landscapes discovered in her travels, elements found in architecture, her own imagination, and her love of animals. 

In Sroka’s latest cow series, expression is the most important element, infusing the subject with personality.  The abstract quality of her work skews the reality of her subject.  She believes the ordinary subject becomes significantly more intriguing when misplaced, such as in a parlor, inviting the viewer to pay attention through the element of surprise. This idea can apply to many different subjects, encouraging appreciation of the more subtle qualities of beauty. For the artist, emotional connection is necessary before painting can begin. By placing her subject in unconventional settings, Sroka takes a conscious departure from the traditional context found in much western art. 

Enjoy these new arrivals, freshly delivered by Sroka for the current group exhibition, Wild and Wonderful

Elsa Sroka - Yellow Chaise
Elsa Sroka, “Yellow Chaise,” Oil on Panel, 16 x 16 in

“I want to bring to my art a joyfulness

that makes people smile.”

Elsa Sroka
Elsa Sroka - Layla
Elsa Sroka, “Layla,” Oil on Panel, 18 x 18 in

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