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Dec 02, 2009
Introducing a New Artist – Eva Cellini

Eva Cellini was born in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia in 1925, but was raised in Hungary. She was graduated from the School of Applied Arts in Budapest. In 1949 she began working

"Horse" 16 x 21 inches

as an illustrator for a communist factory dedicated to political posters, especially of Stalin.

Formal artistic training taught her how to paint with extraordinary skill. However, the jobs available in communist Hungary gave her very little creative freedom. Though quite successful, the Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956, gave her the motivation necessary to leave her home forever.

"Bison" 24 x 16 inches

She and her artist husband escaped successfully across the Austrian border and subsequently to New York City. Without money or English the couple struggled for a time. Her skill as an artist landed her many lucrative illustration assignments and she began to thrive.

The experiences of her youth continue to influence Cellini’s work heavily. Her paintings are full of the symbols of her creative exploration. Reoccurring objects such as flowers and keys speak of the blossoming of her spirit and the unlocking of creative barriers.

The subjects of her work often appear surreal at first glance, but the messages have a commonality that each of us can understand. For example, in the painting, The Key, the armor can suggest many things, the protection from outside dangers, the shell covering the inner vulnerability, or a warrior prepared for battle. But the knight is holding a key, not a sword. The battle may be an inward one, perhaps to unlock hidden treasures, doors or secrets. It must be decided by the viewer. Instead of a head there blooms an enormous flower. It is the symbol of beauty, rebirth, fragility, fruitfulness, spirit and much more. The viewer is left with a feeling of inspiration, that barriers can be breached, and walls scaled.

Cellini’s work is a celebration of the unconquerable human spirit.

"Longhorn" 26 x 18 inches

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