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Sep 04, 2020
Interview with Tomas Lasansky by Western Art Collector

Western Art Collector previewed Ann Korologos Gallery’s Barns & Bones of the West exhibition in their September edition. Below is an interview by Chelsea Koressel of Western Art Collector of Tomas Lasansky, a featured artist in the group exhibition.

Tell me a little about where you currently work and live?

I live and work with my wife, artist Charlie Lasansky, at the Lasansky Gallery & Studio in Iowa City, Iowa.  It is a 10,000 square foot complex comprised of multiple studio spaces, printmaking workshops and gallery space.

Tomás Lasansky, Artist
Tomás Lasansky, Artist

In what way are these works fresh (you can talk about your inspiration here)? How have you expanded existing themes/ideas for which you’re best known?

The works that the gallery currently have are all related to icons that celebrate artistic, political and cultural freedom.

In terms of style and technique, what do you consider to be important elements to your artwork and why?

All of my work is rooted in centuries old techniques of drawing and techniques of intaglio printmaking. I create sequences of layers with drawing, painting, printmaking and collage. I will build up an image using many techniques. I also experiment with new ways of using materials, such as in my paintings where I often do not use the brush traditionally, but rather find ways to flick, throw, or splatter the pigment onto the surface. Essential to how I work is creating works in an ongoing series, with many variations of a particular subject.

Tomas Lasansky - Sitting Bull
Tomas Lasansky, “Sitting Bull,” Oil on linen, 59 x 47 in

What do you use for reference materials? How do you get started?

I research my subjects using historical archives of images to find useful reference materials. I also read about my subjects to learn as much about them as I can.  I usually get started doing graphite drawings which will then be the basis for the mixed media works.  

Tomas Lasansky - Sitting Bull
Tomas Lasansky, “Sitting Bull,” Graphite on Paper, 55 x 48 in

How has your artwork developed since beginning as an artist?

Early on my work consisted mostly of drawings, drawing with collage, and intaglio prints.  I deliberately kept my materials simple to accentuate the quality of the line. My works were also primarily of family, friends, and models.  Over time, my works have gotten increasingly larger and my subject matter has come to include a major focus on historical figures.  My work has also become even more textural and colorful over time.  

Are there underlying themes across all your work?

The predominate theme in my works that pertain to culture and American history is human liberty: politically, artistically, and culturally. Liberty is something that is essential to American ideals, yet each generation must learn what that is and do their part to ensure that all people are able to enjoy the fruits of it, and that no people are denied of it. I often choose subjects who represent various aspects of freedom.

Tomas Lasansky - Verdi ws 11
Tomas Lasansky, “Verdi ws 11,” Color Intaglio, 46 x 33 in
Tom Lasansky - Monet ws 7
Tom Lasansky, “Monet ws 7,” Color Intaglio, 46 x 33 in

What do you hope collectors notice in your new work, and what have you noticed yourself?

Much of my new work references my past work in some form.  It may be through using remnants of actual artworks I have made in the past or those of other artists with whom I have worked, or through the work being a new variation of a subject I have done over the years. By touching on the past, it gives those years gone by new life and enriches the present with greater meaning. Just like much of my work is about great figures from the past, I also layer in aspects of my own history into the work.   

To see more work by Tomas Lasansky, please visit his artist page, call (970) 927-9668, email art@korologosgallery.com, or visit in person at 211 Midland Avenue in Basalt, Colorado.

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