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Mar 12, 2012
How to Print an Etching with Artist, Joel Ostlind

What a great event last Thursday.  We had the opening reception for our fabulous exhibition, “Western Roundup.”  It was a full house, with collectors and artists viewing the new work by Joel Ostlind, Janet Nelson, Heather Foster and Dinah Worman.  And best of all getting to know one another.  We were also blessed to have artist, Joel Ostlind demonstrating his etching technique live in the gallery.  I grabbed the video camera and caught most of it.  If you’ve never seen the process, it is wonderfully simply, and at the same time full of subtlety and skill.  It was great to watch a master at work.  Please take a few minutes to watch Joel at work by clicking here.  I’m sure you will be intrigued.
Remember to come to the gallery or our web site to see Joel’s work in person.  The next best thing is to visit our web site at www.KorologosGallery.com or call for more information: (970) 927-9668

Joel Ostlind, Castaway etching

Joel Ostlind

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