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Apr 15, 2011
Here fishy, fishy…

"Cruising" Bronze Sculpture by Gordon Gund

Soon Basalt will be bustling with tourists from all over the world that come for the fishing.  Basalt is located at the confluence of both the Fryingpan River and the Roaring Fork Rivers.  Just minutes from the gallery you can walk to either river!  The Fryingpan River is a Gold Medal status river…which is why people flock here during the summer time.  Due to the small nature of Basalt, most of them stop into the gallery and many comment on these two fish sculptures by Gordon Gund.  Gordon is a blind artist – that’s right – BLIND!  His work is incredible and not just because he did this without his sight.  “Cruising” really captures the sense of movement of the fish in water, the way the tail goes back and forth as it glides along.  “Rainbow Moment” has an exceptional story behind it – Gordon became aware of a photograph of a salmon performing this motion as it tried

"Rainbow Moment" Bronze Sculpture by Gordon Gund

to free itself, inspired by this Gordon bought a fish at the supermarket and would freeze and manipulate it until he got it just right.  Once satisfied, he told his wife that they could enjoy that fish for dinner (thankfully she declined).  From this, “Rainbow Moment” was born.  To read an article in the Atlantic Salmon Journal, click here.
To view a video interview with Gordon Gund, click here.

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