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Aug 01, 2016
Four Fine Art Photographers Come Together

Four fine art photographers with four very different points of view come together in a colorful mix of styles in the exhibition 4 Photographers, at the Ann Korologos Gallery in Historic Downtown Basalt. The group show with works by Michael Fain, Tom Korologos, Kathryn Rabinow and Gayle C. Waterman will be on view through August 11. All four artists will be in attendance for the artists’ reception on Friday, July 29 from 5-7 pm.

The Ann Korologos Gallery is a premier source for collectors seeking both traditional and modern art photography for their homes in the Roaring Fork Valley and all around the country. Artful images from the cameras of our photographers strike distinctly varied tones: from minimalist black and whites by Michael Fain to the colorful macro worlds of Gayle C. Waterman to the crisp, double-take abstracts of Kathryn Rabinow to the western warmth of Tom Korologos’ landscapes, there will be something for everyone to enjoy.


Four Photographers exhibition

The “Four Photographers” exhibition features work by Michael Fain, Tom Korologos, Kathryn Rabinow, and Gayle Waterman

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FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY is a wonderful addition to any collection. It can complement paintings and sculpture, as well as being sought after on its own merit. It isn’t all about silver gelatin prints any more. New materials and techniques are making photography an exciting and attractive choice, especially for the young collector.

[/pullquote]Aspen resident Gayle C. Waterman combines her love of contemporary design with her appreciation for objects from the past. She uses a digital camera and macro lens to unveil a secret world of beauty hidden beneath the surface, capturing the abstract world that becomes visible when viewed in extreme close-up. The macro images give objects a new life that allows the viewer to experience the everyday and ordinary in a fresh light.

Michael Fain has been a photographer for over 60 years, his work reflecting the changes in the technological aspects of photography. He is interested in recording the natural world in stages of disintegration and growth. Twelve years ago he converted his darkroom to a digital imaging lab, took courses in Photoshop and fine art digital printing at Anderson Ranch Arts Center and evolved the scope and tone of his images to a sophisticated blend of representational and abstract.

Tom Korologos’ photographs combine a journalistic sensibility with an eye for capturing the poetic in the ordinary world. Sights such as agricultural irrigation sprinklers sparkling in the sunset, and morning rays filtering through aspen groves attract his attention. His images are sought after for their authenticity in preserving a visual record of the Colorado West. Before becoming a professional photographer Mr. Korologos had a long career in the federal government, including a tour as U.S. Ambassador to Belgium from 2004 to 2007. He has been taking photographs for more than 70 years.

Using her camera and computer, Houston-based photographer Kathryn Rabinow creates large, abstract and traditional images that reveal the essence and unexpected beauty of everyday scenes and objects. Dr. Rabinow spent her professional career in academe where she served on the graduate faculties of Harvard, Seton Hall University and the University of Houston. A world traveler, Rabinow finds beautiful compositions in both obvious and unexpected places. From flowers, trees, sunsets and animals to abstract manipulated images, her work excites the eye and accelerates the pulse.

4 Photographers will be on view at the Ann Korologos Gallery July 29 through August 11, 2016.

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