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Dec 15, 2020
Dan Young featured at the Steamboat Art Museum
Dan Young in his studio in Silt, Colorado. Young is featured in a four-person retrospective at the Steamboat Art Museum.

Ann Korologos Gallery artist, plein air painter, and Roaring Fork Valley native, Dan Young, is featured in the Steamboat Art Museum’s exhibit, “Four Directions – Common Paths:  Whitcomb, Smith, Oberg, Young; Friendship, Inspiration, and Craft – A Thirty Year Connection.” The show, considered to be “a retrospective of [the artists] friendship,” is a curation of 20 years of work from each artist, though their friendship goes back several decades.

Reflecting upon his career as an artist and painting with talented company and close friends, Young shares, “It’s about being honest to who you are and painting what that is. My work is me. It’s who I am. The three guys I’m hanging with, I feel absolutely the same about them.”

Each artist has their own style, niche, and passions, and for Young, his passion and challenge is to simply bear witness. “It’s important to me to feel that I am recording history. I’m not throwing paint at canvas, doing a catchy style. I am recording the world as it is to me now. I think that’s important. I hope they feel like Colorado. I hope they feel like Western Colorado. This is my home; I know it best. This is what I want to paint.”

The four-man exhibit featuring Skip Whitcomb, Ralph Oberg, Dan Young and Matt Smith at the Steamboat Art Museum is on view through Spring of 2021.​​ Seth Hopkins, Executive Director – Booth Western Art Museum shares more about the exhibit here. If you have time, we highly recommend watching this video, which is an informative, hour-long sit down with the four artists.

In the meantime, enjoy these new arrivals from Dan Young:

Dan Young - A Breakfast Gathering
Dan Young, “A Breakfast Gathering,” Oil on Panel, 16 x 12 in
Dan Young - Color Rush
Dan Young, “Color Rush,” Oil on Panel, 12 x 8 in
Dan Young - Local Traffic
Dan Young, “Local Traffic,” Oil on Canvas, 12 x 9 in
Dan Young - Evening Dazzle
Dan Young, “Evening Dazzle,” Oil on Panel, 12 x 10 in

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