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Jun 10, 2021
Colorado Summits and Peaks Captured by Artists

Colorado is known for its magnificent wilderness. From the classic “Colorado 14ers” to the Rocky Mountain Range and the Elk Mountain Range. Colorado summits and peaks are iconic to its landscape.

Colorado Summits, Inspired Exploration

Explore Independence Pass — the Continental Divide corridor between Aspen and Leadville — or admire Mount Sopris from Carbondale or the Crystal Valley. Take in the views from Aspen Snowmass of Snowmass Peak. Stand at vistas to see Pyramid Peak, Mount Hayden, Maroon Bells, or Seven Castles. Take a road trip up to our neighbors in Wyoming for awe-inspiring views of the Grand Teton Range. There are infinite moments to take ones breath away.

Art in the Heart of the Rockies

Colorado inspires the arts, and artists such as Leon Loughridge, Linda Lillegraven, Sean Wallis, Simon Winegar, Dan Young, Kate Starling, Nathan Solano, Peter Campbell, Joel Ostlind, and Tom Korologos find themselves with no shortage of inspiration.

Dan Young - Heading to Basecamp. Colorado summit.
Dan Young, “Heading to Basecamp,” Oil on Panel, 16 x 24 inches, inspired by the backcountry of Colorado.
Kate Starling - Glacial Melt
Kate Starling, “Glacial Melt,” Oil on Board, 9 x 12 inches, by Utah-based artist
Peter Campbell - Morning in the Rockies
Peter Campbell, “Morning in the Rockies,” Oil on Canvas, 26 x 50 inches
Sean Wallis - Below the Majesty
Sean Wallis, “Below the Majesty,” Oil on Canvas, 30 x 24 in
Tom Korologos - Towering Sopris
Tom Korologos, “Towering Sopris,” Photograph on Archival Paper, 14 x 21.25 inches. View of Mount Sopris from the east.
Leon Loughridge - Gore Range Sunrise 12/22
Leon Loughridge. “Gore Range Sunrise 12/22,” Reduction Wood Block Print, 18″ x 12″
View from Vail Pass.
Leon Loughridge - Snowfield, 8/18
Leon Loughridge, “Snowfield, 8/18,” Woodblock Print, 18 x 12 inches
Simon Winegar - At the Foot of Sopris
Simon Winegar, “At the Foot of Sopris,” Oil on Canvas, 24 x 36 inches. View of Mount Sopris in Carbondale, Colorado.
Nathan Solano  - Below Mt. Blanca. Colorado summit.
Nathan Solano , “Below Mt. Blanca,” Oil on Canvas, 24 x 36 inches. Blanca Peak is the fourth highest summit of the Rocky Mountains of North America and the U.S. state of Colorado. The ultra-prominent 14,351-foot peak is the highest Colorado summit of the Sierra Blanca Massif, the Sangre de Cristo Range, and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.
Joel  Ostlind  - A Cool Blue Couloir
Joel Ostlind , “A Cool Blue Couloir,” Watercolor and Gouache on Paper, 8 x 6 in
Sean Wallis - Among the Giants
Sean Wallis, “Among the Giants,” Oil on Canvas, 36 x 24 in
Linda Lillegraven - Western Skies 11
Linda Lillegraven, “Western Skies 11,” Oil on Linen Panel, 12 x 12 inches captures the rainbow in the storm.
Sean Wallis - The Sliver of Light
Sean Wallis, “The Sliver of Light,” Oil on Linen, 39 x 39 in

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