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Aug 13, 2014
Brett Scheifflee featured in Southwest Art “21 Under 31 “

Congratulations to our own Brett Scheifflee! He was selected as one of 21 artists under the age of 31 featured in the Southwest Art September issue feature, “21 Under 31: Young Artists to Watch in 2014.” The rising stars were selected from across the country and represent the future of realism today.

"In the Heart of the Valley" Oil on Canvas, 20" x 20"

“In the Heart of the Valley”
Oil on Canvas, 20″ x 20″

"The End" Oil on Panel, 10" x 10" $1,650

“The End”
Oil on Panel, 10″ x 10″

Originally from Buffalo, New York, Brett currently lives in the Roaring Fork Valley. He studied illustration and earned his BFA from Rochester Institute of Technology. Brett has been with the gallery since 2013.

Q&A with Brett

Brett portrait

Art Education: I was lucky to study under some excellent professors at the Rochester Institute of Technology in upstate New York, where I earned my bachelor of fine arts degree.

Creative Spark: Seeing a really great painting, either in the flesh or in reproduction, has always made me antsy to get to work and see what I can do.

Second-Choice Career: I’d like to say a surgeon, but I am to math what people are to the moon. I’m all in with painting!

Other Passions: Tennis. I am a fanatic, and I have fond memories of coaching a women’s NCAA team. Other passions include being outdoors and exploring the endless beauty of nature.

Best Advice Received: Sink in to who you are.

Pet Peeve: When people disrespect nature.

Mantra or Motto: Forget the sensationalism. The real glory is in the everyday nuts and bolts. Keep them well-oiled.

Favorite Studio Music: Audiobooks and podcasts. Painting can be lonely, and I enjoy learning and hearing other people’s stories while I work.

Favorite Work by Another Artist: Few art experiences compare to that of seeing paintings by Johannes Vermeer and Frederic Edwin Church.

Future Goals: To keep improving as a painter and to gain more success along with that.

For more about the feature, please visit the Southwest Art website.

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