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Oct 15, 2018
A Look Inside Ben Timpson’s “End of the Roll” Series

Artist Ben Timpson, the photography and new-media studio coordinator for Anderson Ranch Arts Center, has been developing a series called End of the Roll, a body of work about the transition from analog film to the digital frontier. According to Timpson, “film is the medium and the message.  I do not use the film to capture memories or pictures, the film is the finished work itself.  I incorporate organic materials to form compositions on the scale of a 35mm slide.” Below, Timpson shares with us his inspiration for Profile of an Idea which is included in the End of the Roll series.

Ben Timpson - Profile of an Idea

Ben Timpson, “Profile of an Idea,” Transfer, Resin, Aluminium, 62 x 32 in


Sunset, Sunrise.  Analog versus Digital; is there a difference? Is one medium better than the other?  Analog and digital photography are both used in capturing the same thing: a two-dimensional representation of an image.  I am a part of an “analog generation”.  I grew up using film, color processors and darkrooms as the means for creating photography.  I see an evolution in photography’s creative process.  The adaptation of technology has depleted the hands-on process that analog photography embraced.  With digital techniques, the process becomes instantaneous.  It is heartbreaking and freeing at the same time.  Photography is consumed faster than any other medium.  Thanks to technology, we are exposed to hundreds upon hundreds of photographs every day.  Photography is now a language and a survival tool for communication. My photographic series explores and symbolizes the transformation of analog photography to digital photography.  A tearing and ripping effect, the sun and the moon, polar opposites and one who needs another.  A balance through chaos is formed.  Using analog slides (Ektachrome), and natural detritus I form compositions on a light table 1” x 2” with glass slides that are then photographed and enlarged.
—Ben Timpson


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