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May 15, 2021
Aspen Gallery Scene 2021: Getting Social Again

The Aspen gallery scene is poised for a much anticipated, post-vaccine summer. We for one, look forward to seeing you, alongside other galleries in the Roaring Fork Valley. Visit us to see works by contemporary artists inspired by frontier culture and the beauty of the American West. Be on the lookout for upcoming events hosted throughout the year. Our mission is to provide wonderful opportunities to learn, dive deeper and join the discussion.

Andy Taylor - Quite Quiet at Ann Korologos Gallery. Aspen gallery
Andy Taylor, “Quite Quiet,” Oil on Linen, 25 x 60 in

Making Art Social Again

The Aspen Times published a wonderful article, Making Art Social Again, highlighting summer 2021 events for art enthusiasts and collectors. It includes Historic Downtown Basalt:

Meanwhile, new commercial galleries are arriving this summer in Basalt and joining the established Keating Gallery and Ann Korologos on the scene (the historic Toklat Gallery, with seven decades of history, is gone – a victim of the pandemic). Most prominent among the newcomers is Gallery 101 on Midland Ave., showcasing work by twin sister artists Ingrid Dee Magidson and Sybill Hill Carter.

Andrew Travers, The Aspen Times, May 13, 2011

Arts & Culture in Basalt

Wednesday Night Live Returns 2021 

Ann Korologos Gallery will be open from 10AM to 8PM every Wednesday through Summer (music until 8:30!). Join us ‘under the clocktower’ at Ann Korologos Gallery. Read more >

An ongoing summer series featuring buskers (street performers) ranging from musicians, poets, comedians, magicians, circus performers, theater artists, kids performers, and whatever curious acts we can pull off the streets of Colorado. Performers will be scattered throughout Basalt in Downtown and Willits, so you’ll never know what kind of entertainment you might encounter as you stroll or bike around town. Join Ann Korologos Gallery on the corner of 211 Midland Avenue “under the clocktower.”

All who attend Wednesday Night Live are encouraged to shop and dine in Basalt while taking in the unique and varied performances curated from all over Colorado. This exciting collaboration between TACAW, the Basalt Chamber, and the Town is designed to bring vibrancy back to Basalt while adhering to current social distancing guidelines. Many businesses will stay open late for the event. The event is free to the public, but direct contributions to individual buskers are welcome. Live performances are back in the valley. Come be a part of it!

Moments of Light exhibition Ann Korologos Gallery
Ann Korologos Gallery, in historic downtown Basalt, CO, has been named an Aspen gallery top ten by Culture Trip magazine.
Sabrina Stiles - Queen Of The Desert
Sabrina Stiles, “Queen Of The Desert,” Pastel on Paper, 20 x 16 in
Linda Lillegraven - The New Place and the Old Place
Linda Lillegraven, “The New Place and the Old Place,” Oil on Linen, 12 x 24 in
Dan Young - Fall Memories
Dan Young, “Fall Memories,” Oil on Board, 24 x 16 in
Deborah Paris - Hillside Aspens
Deborah Paris, “Hillside Aspens,” Oil on Linen, 36 x 24 in
historic downtown Basalt Colorado, twenty minutes from Aspen
Historic downtown Basalt, Colorado. Twenty minutes downriver from Aspen.
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