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Feb 09, 2011
Art chosen for Kessler exhibition

We just finished selecting the artwork for our upcoming Michael Kessler exhibition.  The hard part was editing down to a reasonable number.  I start by picking everything I like, then going through again and again, taking away works, until I got down to a number we can hang.  This time it was tough.  I started with about 30 – way too many to hang.  Then slowly removed works.  Finally we got it down to 16.  And these are amazing works.  It is going to be a great show.  The best part is, Michael will be here on the March 4th to speak.  Can’t wait.

Michael Kessler, "Calcicole" 40 x 60, Acrylic on Panel

Michael Kessler, "Calcicole" 40 x 60, Acrylic on Panel

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