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Dec 01, 2008

I have been reading about Art Basel Miami and I think Art Basalt (Gallery) is the place to be.  The Financial Times notes…”The art world holds its breath at Art Basel Miami Beach gets underway amid economic turmoil.”  They go on to say there is a lot of nail-biting…..well, it is snowing in the mountains and the ski season has opened!  Maybe a different kind of nail-biting.  Our artists are in the spirit of the holidays bringing in new pieces for gift giving and for collectors own collections.   I am not sure what the season will be like with the economy still a challenge but we like to think that the Gallery is a place to hide, to think, to celebrate Western art….it is a way of life. And what you collect is lasting and ever so personal…not only for you but also sharing with others and for the experience and knowledge  you have by connecting with another person…the artist.   This week we are preparing for the December 20th Christmas Stroll in Basalt and also working with Joel Ostlind about his demonstration and lecture at the opening of his show on February 6.    We will have the lecture co-hosted with our friends at the Wylie Community Art Center…just behind the Gallery prior to the show opening.   I am wondering what people are talking about in Miami….they are probably talking about who isn’t there and what art will or will not sell and what parties they are going to.  Now, don’t misunderstand…I hope to go sometime too, but, for now I think  the Basalt Gallery is upbeat…looking for a great snow season and happy to be able to enjoy the thoughtfulness of a small town and the intimacy of serious artists.  By the way, several of our artists will be in the Coors Show in Denver opening in early January….come by we will be there…meet Dan Young, Elizabeth Sandia, Joel Ostlind and our new artist Jill Soukup.

So Art Basel Miami….think about us at ART BASALT (Gallery) this week.


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