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Mar 10, 2009


Is there an Andy Taylor collector out there?  Andy is a local Carbondale, Colorado  artist who will talk about  his paintings and then show his work at the BASALT GALLERY this week…March 13.  We hope to have some of his work up to see on the red dot blot.  In the meantime, I was reading about the upcoming auctions and wondering how they will do.  My thinking is that if you value art and like living with creativity for the mind and the soul then visiting galleries and buying art is meant for you in today’s economy.We bring artists to the Roaring Fork Valley and we create collectors.  Andy has a wonderful following.  One of our collectors was in yesterday and thought some of his marvelous pastel colors reminded her of the real colors of the southwest so often overlooked as authentic by Easterners.

If you cannot be at the show in person please see the show on line at basaltgallery.com  enjoy and welcome to the world of a wonderful western winter art exhibit in the historic town of Basalt, Colorado.

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