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American Art Collector | Artist Focus, Elsa Sroka

Elsa Sroka

We are pleased to share an excerpt from Elsa Sroka‘s feature in American Art Collector‘s February 1st, 2018 Print Edition.

American Art Collector, “Elsa Sroka,” Print Edition, February 2018

Elsa Sroka

People often ask Elsa Sroka how she got her start painting. It’s particularly people who have known her for years and saw that she made a brisk transition into the art world. “I tell them. It’s crazy, but it just happened,” she says. “After a 27-year previous career, I started painting without ever looking back or second-guessing what I was about to take on full time. Mostly self-taught, the creative process has always been natural for me and my instincts took over and led me here.”

Inspiration comes in many forms for Sroka, who is an observer of body language and expressions of people and animals. “As a child, my five siblings and I entertained ourselves finding humor in the oddities of people,” she shares. “I am also inspired and moved by color harmony, and all things unique. I have always been drawn to thing uncommon and misplaced. I believe a painting should offer an escape, giving the observer an opportunity to create their own dialogue and interpretation of the piece.”

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