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Apr 02, 2011
A true Roaring Fork Valley piece of art

Michael Wisner, 'Black Spoke'

Michael Wisner, 'Black Spoke'

Visitors and locals all appreciate Michael Wisner’s fine art ceramic vessels.  They are truly a local product.  Michael gets the clay by digging it up near the Roaring Fork Valley roads, and loading up the back of his pick-up truck.  He washes it back in his Woody Creek studio in and begins creating.  Michael’s patterns are geometric and organic at the same time.  Using nature as his inspiration, the patterns and combination of patterns are virtually endless.  I especially like the black iridescent shade that Michael calls a ‘happy accident’ when firing the piece.  Learn more about our local treasure by watching Michael Wisner’s video, right here on our blog.
-Julia Novy, Basalt

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