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Apr 28, 2020
A Look Through the Viewfinder: Tom Korologos & Sandy Kaplan

Both Tom Korologos and Sandy Kaplan have been photographers most of their lives.  Both artists are well traveled and naturally curious.  However, each sees the world and their respective subjects in completely different ways.

Tom Korologos approaches photography as a journalist, always intent on capturing the moment as it is.  Influenced by his work as a sports writer, a newspaper reporter, an editorial columnist, and a feature writer during his time working with The Associated Press, The Salt Lake Tribune, The New York Herald Tribune and The Long Island Press, Korologos is interested in the narrative.  As an artist, Korologos captures the arc of a story in a moment: roping cowboys at the rodeo, farmhands irrigating fields, a stack of skis awaiting adventure, an empty boat post leisurely outing.  To tell the whole story, he often includes people or the signs of human life.  Like many a good story, he is often inspired with a title first, sometimes hunting for the scene to match the caption, a practice of wordsmithing with a camera rather than a keyboard.  Tom is less driven by the need to manipulate digitally the perfect composition than he is by recording an actual scene: the local barber shop, western sunlight, weather conditions on Mt.  Sopris, a vineyard in Santa Rosa, a bike parked before a shop window in Provence.  Tom is rarely without one or more of his cameras, continuously on the prowl for his next visual story.

Tom Korologos, "Cowboy at Carbondale Rodeo"
Tom Korologos, “Cowboy at Carbondale Rodeo,” Photograph on Archival Paper, 20 x 24 inches
Tom Korologos - Lots of Leather
Tom Korologos, “Lots of Leather,” Photograph on Archival Paper, 15 x 20 in
Tom Korologos, “9 Mailboxes at 7 Castles,” Photograph on Archival Paper, Custom Printed
Tom Korologos - Tree in a Rock, Basalt, CO
Tom Korologos, “Tree in a Rock, Basalt, CO,” Photograph on Archival Paper, 20 x 16 in
Tom Korologos - Snowmass Ski Mayhem, 2
Tom Korologos, “Snowmass Ski Mayhem, 2,” Photograph, 50 x 30 in

Equally passionate about her photographic adventures, Sandy Kaplan is always reaching for something new for the sake of discovery.  Whether she is seeking the Spirit Bears of British Columbia, wild horses of Colorado, Moroccan stallions, printing on challenging surfaces like handmade paper, photographic papers, canvas, aluminum sheeting, she is looking to push her own limits.  When it comes to her subject matter, her preference — even passion — is for the animals, especially horses.  Regardless of the country she’s in or the breed, Sandy is emotionally moved by the power and strength of horses.  Whether they are standing still or on the run, Sandy earns her way into their world and aims her lenses in search of their true character, capturing unique insights that portray beauty and individuality.  Often placing herself in potentially dangerous situations, Sandy has been amongst stampeding wild horses, and in one-on-one “conversations” with a prized Lusitano Stallion.  Her decades of experience as a fashion photographer ensure that every encounter is documented by the appropriate f-stop and shutter speed.  The result: spontaneous images that lead the viewer out into the desert heat or cool morning fog to behold extraordinary equine magic.

Sandra Kaplan  - Horse in Fog
Sandra Kaplan , “Horse in Fog,” Photograph on Metallic Paper, 67 x 33 in
Sandra Lee Kaplan - Black Spirit Bear #3
Sandra Lee Kaplan, “Black Spirit Bear #3,” Photo on Metallic Coated Archival Paper, 26 x 34.25 in
Sandra Kaplan - Holy Cow
Sandra Kaplan, “Holy Cow,” Photograph on Watercolor Paper, 50 x 60 in
Sandra Kaplan  - Reach
Sandra Kaplan , “Reach,” Photograph on Archival Paper, 28 x 22 in
Sandra Kaplan  - White Barn
Sandra Kaplan , “White Barn,” Print on Handmade Paper, 28 x 20 in

For more information about available works or commissions by Tom Korologos and Sandy Kaplan, please contact Ann Korologos Galley in Basalt, CO by calling (970) 927-9668, emailing art@korologosgallery.com, or visiting korologosgallery.com.

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