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Aug 04, 2015
The Watercolors and Woodcuts of Leon Loughridge

From Watercolors to Woodcuts | by Susan Dugan

A Wonderful article on Leon Loughridge is in the August issue of the Wash Park Profile, a Denver based newspaper.

The woodblock prints that have carved his reputation and garnered critical acclaim begin as quickly rendered watercolors painted outdoors. “As you’re sketching outdoors there’s this spontaneous reaction to what you’re seeing in front of you. The challenge is to then capture that in the woodblock. My family’s from Denver so I’m a third-generation Coloradoan. We have a very old cabin below Mount Evans that we are striving to save. We go up there on the weekends and hide away. I go hiking with my watercolor kit and pad — I call it my traveling studio — and I’m ready to sketch. When the rain showers start I close it up and run.” Read More

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Leon Loughridge, “HayFields 11/17″, Wood Block Print, 14″ x 11”


Leon Loughridge, “Summer Solstice 8/15″, Wood Block Print, 20″ x 16”


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