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Sandra Kaplan  - Horse in Fog
Horse in Fog
Photograph on Metallic Paper, 33 x 67 in
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About this work
"As an artist, as a photographer, I am always reaching for something new. Not for the sake of being different, but for the sake of discovery. Photography is an adventure, always thrilling. I’m always searching, reaching, growing. The work on hand-made papers is just one part of my journey. I also work on photographic papers, canvas, aluminum sheeting and whatever else sparks me. Then, the images speak. They tell me how to shoot them, under what conditions, what kind of light. They touch my heart and my soul. It’s very specific and organic. I don’t think about what I’m doing, it’s all second nature. It’s happening between thoughts, or in that space of “no thought.” When I let go, the photo is made; when I step back and get out of the way, the photo finds itself."~SANDRA LEE KAPLAN