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Joel  Ostlind  - Believing in Nymphs - I Joel  Ostlind  - Believing in Nymphs - I
Believing in Nymphs - I
Etching with Watercolor, 5 x 8 in
About this work
To create an etching, Ostlind heats a copper plate and then uses a small roller to coat it evenly with his etching "ground," a combination of beeswax and asphaltum, a coloring agent. For his etching tool, he uses a piece of an ordinary straight pin that he sticks into a pencil eraser. He removes the wax, and then exposes the metal to an acid bath to etch his drawing into the copper. In the final step of this creative process, Ostlind lifts a completed print off an etching plate on the bed of his Ettan press. 

Framed dimensions: 14" h x 16" w x .5" d

Signed bottom right: Joel Ostlind