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Dinah Worman - A Bright Cold Day Dinah Worman - A Bright Cold DayDinah Worman - A Bright Cold Day
A Bright Cold Day
Oil on Linen, 60 x 48 in
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About this work
“I am looking for two things: I want to see the bones of the landscape found in the openness of an arid climate or the stacked fields of cultivated land. I also love the compositional elements of a cluttered, close scene that allows me to treat the landscape much like a still life. This is especially true of my aerial views and large foreground pieces. I’m looking for the compositional elements of both of these types of landscape paintings rather than the beauty of individual objects.”

Framed dimensions: 61.5" h x 49.5" w x 2" d

Signed bottom right: D. Worman