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Dan Young - Under a Summer Sky
Under a Summer Sky
Oil on Panel, 30 x 36 in
About this work
"What has inspired me as an artist has changed over time. Growing up in Colorado, how can you not be inspired by the mountains, the rivers? Now a days I’ll go out and look for an idea, a shape, an emotion. I used to go out and look for a pretty picture, but now I go out and look for what interests me—a shadow dancing across snow, light reflecting off a landscape, a shape that inspires the composition—challenges me to make it work in my own style. I’ll always paint early and late in the days because the light is beautiful, but that’s just the beginning. I have the rhythm of a shape informing my painting. It’s not about copying what I see, it’s about making a painting, and pushing what I see."
~DAN YOUNG on what about nature inspires him

Framed dimensions: 38 h x 44 w x 2.75 d
Signed bottom left: Young