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Brett Scheifflee  - Afternoon Shadows Brett Scheifflee  - Afternoon Shadows
Afternoon Shadows
Oil on Board, 32 x 22 in
About this work
"Across the country, old barns are true collective structures that often transcend to local idols. Many hands were required to raise them and over the years a great many were born within them. From the barn swallows who nest in the high rafters, to the cows and pigs in the hay below, many leave and remember the dry and shady comfort those old boards provided."

"When I think of old barns as structures, my memories and thoughts gravitate toward something similar to a haiku. Although they are sometimes grand in stature, their essence can be described simply. Whether it's the creak of a weathervane, the dry and paint peeling old boards, the lone old window toward the peak, or the sharp shadows on sunny days, their presence stays with us. A good barn is stationary for a long time, a lot of life passes through it and around it, the beams have held together through many storms and the stories they accumulate through the years are uttered in their creaks on windy days. I tried to paint these basic elements into a picture that wasn't any specific barn, although it is, but to create a piece that would get the viewer to recall some of these little tidbits from ones of their own memory."
~Brett Scheifflee

Framed dimensions: 36 h x 26 w x 1 d

Signed bottom left: BOS