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Dec 11, 2019
Press: Terry Gardner featured in Voyage Denver
We’re pleased to share a wonderful interview with Terry Gardner, featured in VoyageDenver:http://voyagedenver.com/interview/meet-terry-gardner-terry-gardner-paintings-morrison-colorado-near-red-rocks/ My fascination with the American West began when I was young, watching western TV and film. I moved to Colorado in my early thirties for an advertising job, but more importantly, to be in a region I dreamed of living for years. […]
Aug 07, 2019
Inside "Western Mysteries, Intimate Views" with Terry Gardner
The Unknown Cowboy intends to inspire questions surrounding the stereotype. Often misunderstood, this hard-working, often a conservationist, cares about the land and the livelihood. The simple muted colors offer space for dwelling. The subject looks beyond the horizon knowing the future is unknown. It is a character that is etched into our brains and the perceptions can vary greatly from one viewer to […]
Jul 17, 2019
WATCH: In the Studio with Colorado Artist Andy Taylor
Andy Taylor is inspired by the moments that stop him in his tracks, inspiring the artist to pull out his sketchbook and capture the moments that struck him. With his sketch as a reference, Taylor returns to his studio to add color to the ink sketch in his notebook– colors that match the emotion evoked […]
Jun 05, 2019
Sherrie York on Discovering Home Through Her "Bitty Birds" and "Underfoot" Series
Printmaker Sherrie York recently made the move from Colorado to Maine. As a naturalist, Sherrie acclimates to her surroundings by studying them closely, and as an artist, she carves those observations into linoleum, and runs them through her printing press. After adapting to a series of setbacks—a broken press, finding a new studio, and navigating […]
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Apr 01, 2019
Playing in the Clay | Behind Modern Relics with Amy Laugesen
“The horse is a magnificent creature, historic western icon and my longtime muse. The process of discovering the essence of a horse within the mud and transforming this into contemporary ceramic artworks remains my great joy and artistic passion.  With a nod toward ancient artifacts of countless civilizations, my sculptures intentionally appear as relics, treasures to […]
Feb 26, 2019
Simon Winegar & the Poetic Dichotomy to Winter
“There’s a poetic dichotomy to winter. It’s a time of year that gives the observer a sense of solitude and quiet contemplation but also provides a reminder of the harsh vicissitudes of life. It is light and full of brilliant starched cotton coverings, yet dark and foreboding with the depth of ethereal forests. it is […]
Jan 31, 2019
Dan Young Reflects from His Studio on Painting the Moon and Snow at Night
“I love chasing the moon,” says Dan Young. In his studio in Silt, Colorado, Young shares what it is that challenges him about capturing snow and painting at night, as well as what he considers his successes. Watch the video and be sure to see the new arrivals by Dan Young, now on view in Seasons of […]
Jan 24, 2019
From the home and studio of Peter Campbell in Durango, Colorado, nature is a readily available inspiration frequently reflected on Peter Campbell’s canvases. Despite pursuing his passion for painting ever since finding the medium, Campbell started his artistic career as a photographer after completing his studies at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia.