We are proud to offer you the following art services:

“I recently worked with the gallery to find the perfect piece for my client’s mountain home. They made it so simple for me that I could do it all via email. They superimposed the images onto photos of my clients’ fireplace and they were perfectly scaled which simplified the entire selection process. Amazing pieces combined with outstanding service and responsiveness…. I can’t wait to work with them again!”  — Sarah Carr, LEED AP Project Manager, Slifer Designs


Consultations and Installation Services

Let us help you build an art collection worthy of your taste and style. We will gladly come in to your home and make suggestions. Ultimately, the choice is yours, but why not try a few pieces on approval? Nothing makes the decision easier than actually seeing it in its ideal setting. If your home is not in our area, we can arrange for the work to be shipped and installed as well. This is more expensive, but it allows you the confidence to know that you will have the best work possible.


Virtual Installations

We are happy to offer this hi-tech service at no charge to you. Using state of the art software, and 20 years of experience, we can superimpose a work of art on a photograph of your living space, so that it looks as if it is actually hanging there. No expensive shipping, no holes in the wall, and no obligation, just a realistic way to try a work in your home. All we need is a photo of your space, basic measurements, and your choice of art. Try it.

Conservation and Restoration Advice

Did you know you shouldn’t hang fine art in direct sunlight; or that drastic changes in humidity or temperature can damage your art? Did you know that improperly framed artwork can do significant damage to art over time? How do you care for an oil painting, work under glass, bronzes? Ask us. And if you have art has been damaged by an accident, or improper framing, there are ways repair it. We can recommend reputable, professional conservators, and restorers. We’re here to help.

Installation Services

Generally a hook and a hammer are all you need to hang most works. But what do you do when you want to hang art on a stone fire place, or the work is very high up, or very heavy? We can’t do it all, but we know who can. We can even arrange for installations out of our area. Ask us.

Appraisals and Insurance Valuation

Generally speaking, insurance companies want you to have your artwork re-appraised every 5 years; in an active market, more often. When you buy a piece from us, we will give you a “Letter of Valuation‚” on request. This is generally adequate for insurance purposes. If you need a single piece, or a collection appraised for insurance, estate, or donation purposes, call us. We’ll put you in touch with a certified appraiser qualified for the task.

Professional Collaboration

We gladly work with professional designers, art consultants, and architects. Please let us know your clients’ needs.

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