Artist: Kathryn Rabinow

This is a selection of available works.  Please contact the gallery for a complete inventory.

"O'Keefe Rose 4/5" Photograph on Plexiglass, 36" x 30" $3,000

“O’Keefe Rose 4/5″
Photograph on Plexiglass, 36″ x 30″

Parrots in the Rain - Kathryn Rabinow

“Parrots in the Rain”
Digital Metallic Print on Dibond
22.5″ x 30″

Morning Fog - Kathryn Rabinow

“Morning Fog”
Photograph, 9.5″ x 17.5″

Infinite Kapoor- Kathryn Rabinow

“Infinite Kapoor”
Photograph on plexiglass, 36 x 27″

Green Talking Heads - Kathryn Rabinow-sm

“Green Talking Heads”
Photograph on archival paper, 30 x 22″

Droop - Kathryn Rabinow

“Droop 1/2″
Photograph on Dibond, 30.5″ x 22.5″

“Hanging Loose”
Photograph, 7″ x 4.5″

“Autumn Gold”
Photograph, 21″ x 15.5″

Candlelight - Kathryn Rabinow

Photograph, 30″ x 20″

Artist Biography: Kathryn Rabinow

Artist: Kathryn Rabinow

After many years teaching in academe, Houston-based Kathryn Rabinow decided to dive into fine photography, and the results are stunning. She is a world traveler and finds beautiful compositions in both obvious and unexpected places, from flowers, trees, sunsets, and animals to fabulous food and abstract manipulated images.

Dr. Rabinow feels grateful for her travels and seeks to capture the ephemeral moments of creative vision she encounters that belie the typical “tourist shot.” She explains: Being fortunate enough to travel hither thither and yon I enjoy taking pictures that capture some special essence of the place. Not necessarily the “tourist shot” that would be in a magazine but an image that evokes the sense of being there. Wherever the there might be.

Her very large pieces are either matted and framed or the images are face mounted on acrylic, backed with wall cleats. The sizes can range up to five feet in length. Dr. Rabinow’s abstract images are particularly eye-catching in their bold lines and colors but to her they are not abstract: “My abstract images are not abstract to me; when I look at the finished product I see the concrete genesis as clearly as I see the colorful exterior. Other “real” images reflect the beauty, the oddities and the humor that is all around us. We often don’t stop long enough to really see what is there.”

Kathryn Rabinow’s work is included in many private collections in the US, England and Japan. Her large works are in corporate and non-profit collections, non-profits, and in the public areas in an exclusive Houston high-rise.